• Welcome to the Jungle – Visiting Chi Phat

    Posted on November 10th, 2009 Jan No comments

    Arrival in Chi PhatAnother weekend, another public holiday…and another chance to discover Cambodia 🙂 After the last trip with the big group to Kep and the smaller trip to the Angkor temples the week before, we went off to see some more of Cambodia’s natural beauty of the Cardamom Mountains this time. After some first thoughts about staying in the Rainbow Lodge, we decided for a more Cambodian (and budget-friendly) trip to Chi Phat, a community-based ecotourism site managed by Wildlife Foundation, which happens to be a member of CCBEN. I must admit that I might not have been completely impartial in the discussion about our destination for obvious reasons. At first it looked like we’d be a group of 6-8 people, but it kept growing until the last minute and we ended up with a group of 12 people sitting in the slightly cramped minivan to Andoung Toeuk on Friday evening. After a 4-hour ride with a short stop at a shrine site along the way where our driver tried to appease the spirit of an ill-tempered fisherman’s wife to guarantee our a safe passage, we arrived in Andoung Toeuk around 11pm. Andoung Toeuk isOur guesthouse a small village along the road from Phnom Penh to Koh Kong that serves as the departure point for all the ships going to Chi Phat. We spent the night at Botum Sakor Guest House, which became our place of choice because it had rooms for exactly 12 people and it was the only guest house in Andoung Toeuk, among many other reasons. The rooms were nicely made, clean and equipped with trendy pink mosquito nets, and as a special service, the guest house let the power generator run an extra hour – in short, the $2-3 per person were well spent. The next morning, we left the guest Breakfast Breakhouse after a quick manual shower to catch our boat to Chi Phat. As the boat had even more delay than us, we

  • Cambodian fruit quiz, part 1

    Posted on October 19th, 2009 Jan 8 comments

    The Hubba Bubba fruit shellTo get a little more interaction into this blog, I had this idea today to start I quiz about the mysterious fruits that are sold on the markets here in Phnom Penh. The rules are really simple – I’m going to describe a fruit that I saw and ate here, and the first one to come up with the English or German name of that fruit will score a point (Wikipedia links will score bonus points). Whoever wins the most points when I run out of fruits will be rewarded with an exotic Cambodia fruit plate…which will be waiting for the winner here in Phnom Penh 🙂

    I’ve been at the Russian Market today looking for some yummy fruits for the evening.  Walking around to buy some dragon fruit and other delicacies, I saw this weird fruit again that actually looked more like a fir cone (Tannenzapfen) or a lizard’s tail than a fruit.

    Arriving at home, I carefully The inside of the Hubba Bubba fruitopened the first one of them and discovered a yellow brain-shaped yellowish thing inside that looked a little bit like a Durian seed, but luckily didn’t smell like one. The fruit has a sweet-sour taste that reminded me very much of Hubba Bubba chewing gum.

    Do you know the real name of the Hubba Bubba Fruit? Be the first to write a comment with the name to get a had start for the Cambodian fruit quiz.

    I was going to upload some pictures along with the description, but as the Internet is terribly slow here again, that will have to wait until tomorrow morning. Double points to anyone who comes up with the name in the mean time 🙂

    Wohoo…it’s working again. Happy guessing 🙂