• And so it begins…again

    Posted on June 1st, 2011 Jan No comments

    It’s been a while since the last update in this blog. That’s because I wasn’t in Cambodia for a while but instead back in Germany finishing my studies. Now I’m done with that however, and before starting to work, I decided to come back to Southeast Asia for a longer bike trip.

    The rough plan is to cycle from Pattaya via Pailin into Cambodia, down to Kep, into Vietnam, up to Hue and then back to Thailand via Laos…I’ve got 10 weeks for that in total.

    As I was a bit preoccupied in the last months with finishing my thesis, I did not spend a whole lot of time with planning the trip. Therefore, I decided the motto of this trip will be:

    Un Utterly Unprepared Undeavour Unto the Unknown.

    …by unknown I mean unknown to me and also at least partly to Google Maps (in the maps view).

    I am writing this first entry from Bangkok, where I just arrived a few hours ago and will begin looking for a bike to accompany me on my trip.

    More updates will be coming in over the next days.

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