• One Night in Bangkok

    Posted on September 30th, 2009 Jan No comments

    Today is day -1 of my iternship in Cambodia. I left Siegen by train at 6pm on Monday and got to Frankfurt Airport way ahead of departure time, so I still had some time to get something to eat. As I was walking past the McDonalds, I remebered that I used to promise myself not to eat at those fast food places any more, but that I didn’t quite stick to that recently. This time however, instead of going there to have some fries, I decided it would be the perfect time now to get back to that – I’m not going to eat anything at fast food chain restaurants during my time in Asia. No McDonalds. No Burger King. No Pizza Hut. Shouldn’t be too hard anyways 🙂

    I got to Abu Dhabi right in time  and switched the plane to Bangkok.

    [it’s time to go to bed…to be continued]

    And here’s a picture of Cambodian street traffic as a little teaser for my next post 🙂

    Traffic in Cambodia

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